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I've been a writer pretty much since I first wielded a pencil and could string words together. I also illustrated my early works (with the same pencil). 

Reading fueled my desire to create stories. So many wonderful places, great characters, timeless worlds... Ideas started popping up in my brain longer ago than I can remember. Learning how to harness those ideas and turn them into something readable took a lot longer than I'd have liked, but I'm finally getting there.

Joining Romance Writers of America and American Christian Fiction Writers has helped a lot. So have all the wonderful books on writing I've read over the years, many published by Writers Digest Books. As a writer, you can never know too much about writing! (I started to say you can never know too much, but then I realized, some knowledge might impair the imagination, so I amended my statement!)

Another great help in my writing journey has been the Community Boards at Meeting so many of my favorite authors, participating in writing challenges, and getting to discuss books and writing with other readers and writers-in-training has given me confidence, not to mention being a great joy!

Still another wonderful help: Panhistoria. I learned so much hanging out with other people wanting to write stories together. 

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