Marion's Country & Western Music Repertory
Original Songs:
Country Dreams
The Country Life
It Don't Sound Much Like Country 
Pretendin'  (Barbara & MF Laird)
Another Piece of Broken Heart
A Little Piece of Heaven
Rainin' All Day
Travelin' Days
Divine Mystery
Sunday Mornin' Dreams
Would Jesus Be Welcome in Your Church?
I Dare You to Love Me
A Splitting Heartache
I Love What Your Eyes Are Saying
Home is Where the Heart Is
I Only Love You All the Time
How Many Broken Hearts Did You Leave 
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A Hole in My Heart

Cover Songs:
The Richest Girl in the World 
(Buck Owens, MF Laird)
Rose Garden
Thank God I'm a Country Girl
(John Denver, MF Laird)
Hey, Good Lookin'
Navajo Trail (instrumental)
Santa Fe Trail
Don't Let the Stars Get in
Your Eyes
When You Say Nothing at All
Together Again
Bye Bye My Baby
On the Road Again
Forever and Ever, Amen
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