Mission Village Southern Baptist Church,
San Diego, California (many times! I loved them all!)
Naval Medical Center San Diego, ICU
Villa View Hospital (now University Community
Medical Center), San Diego, ICU
SunBridge Rehabilitation Hospital, San Diego
By request, I gave a program in the rec hall,
and even managed to get my mom to play the piano!
Old Town State Park, San Diego 
(while auditioning for a part, several days.  
Somewhere there is a photo of me in 
1880 costume with a lovely Japanese tourist!)
Places You May Have Seen Marion Perform:
a beautiful private wedding in Murietta, CA, 
where I sang with a good friend who is also a professional musician.
Kindred Hospital of San Diego, ICU

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Central Mall, Fort Smith, AR
Prunedale Grange, Prunedale, CA
Bluff Avenue Baptist Church, Fort Smith, AR
       some solos, and with Bailey Hill Revival
Performing her song "I Will Follow Jesus" 
with First Lutheran School of Fort Smith's Primary Choir  
2011 Spring Concert
and her song "Hosanna" with their Junior Choir
2012 Spring Concert
weddings in Roland, OK and Fort Smith, AR
 River of Life Baptist Church (formerly Golf Links Baptist Church), 
Tucson, AZ
Performing as Jesus' mother Mary: 
"The Day He Wore My Crown" 2010
"God of the Empty Tomb" 2011
"Remember" 2012
"It Is Finished" 2013
"The Day He Wore My Crown" 2014

Original music showcase, Rocketown, Nashville, TN

Online on YouTube
Fort Smith Public Library, classical guitar, Celtic harp

Clayton House, Fort Smith, AR, Celtic harp, fiddle

         Fort Smith National Historic Site, fiddle, guitar, Celtic harp