Marion's World and Folk Music Repertory
Songs in French:
Il est Né, le divin enfant
Entre le bouef et l'ane gris
Frere Jacques
Au Claire de la Lune
O Jesu, nous voici
La Vie en Rose
and more...
Songs in Spanish:
Mi Caballo Blanco
Cantame (by Marion Faith Laird)
and more...

Songs in German:
Stille Nacht
Maria in ein Dürchwald Ging
Es ist ein Rose Entsprungen
and more...

Songs in Hebrew:
Hine ma Tov
Shalom Chaverim
Baruch ha Shem (by Marion Faith Laird)
and more...

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for Celtic harp:
Don Oíche úd I mBeithil
The Peacock
Brian Boru's March

for guitar:
Christmas Day in da Morning
Star of the County Down
and more...

for fiddle:
Smash the Windows
Da Silver Bow
Jack Broke da Prison Door
Da Day Dawn
Auld Foula Reel
Da Auld Restin' Chair
Unst Bridal March
Jack is Yet Alive
Da Mill
Pit Hame da Borrowed Claes
Shetland Moods
Dean Brig
Ferrie Reel
Up an' Doun da Harbour
The Silvery Voe
Auld Swaara
Mrs. Jamieson's Favourite
All da Ships ir Sailin'
Freddie's Tune
Da Blue Yow
Naanie an' Betty
Maggie O'Ham
Come Agen Ye're Welcome
and more...
Songs in Italian:
O Sole Mio
and more...
Songs in Scottish Gaelic:
Hebridean Mouth Tunes
and more...
Songs in Japanese:
and more...